Movies to icons

Another ds106 assignment. We had to break a movie down into four icons. Virtual cookies to whoever gets it.

Hint: They’re questing to bring something to somewhere before someone gets it first.

Hint: This movie features a swashbuckling pirate, a prince, a Thracian ambassador, a slobbery dog, and a chaos-loving goddess.


Girl by Travis Yunis@NounProject

Low Vision Access by National park Service

Sword by Luis Martins@NounProject

Castle by Denis Frezzato@NounProject


Book by T. Weber@NounProject

Crown by Ed Lu@NounProject

Ship Wheel by Renar SC@NounProject

Pirate by Adam Heller@NounProject


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2 Responses to “Movies to icons”

  1. fennecfyre says:

    You got the second one right! I just watched that movie a while ago <3 The first, however, isn't right.
    Hint: There's a nasty guy with a pet gryphon after the main characters.

  2. Nora says:

    The second one is Sinbad and I want to say the first one is Stardust, but I’m not sure. Excellent job!